Western Complex Systems Conference 2022





Western Complex Systems Conference 2022 explores the application of complexity theory and systems thinking across disciplines. Over vast diversity in academic fields, methodologies, and domain expertise, our common thread is curiosity about the ways that nonlinear dynamics and systemic thinking invite us to understand and respond to our world.

Conference Schedule

Morning Sessions (Hosted by Kyra Keer)
EST Session Presenters
9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks [Video]
Overview of the CAS Lab [Video]
Kevin Shoemaker, Associate Vice-President (Research), Western University
James Shelley, Project Lead, Complex Adaptive Systems Lab
9:30 AM Confronting complexity and supporting transformation through health systems mapping: a case study [Video] Anna Hussey, Quality & Evaluation Coordinator, Best Care – ARGI
Christopher Licskai, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Respirology, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
Shannon Sibbald, Associate Professor, School of Health Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences, Western University
10:00 AM An Expert Model of Influences on Triage Decisions: A Framework for Study of Pandemic Self-Triage Tools [Video] Laurel Austin, Associate Professor, Management Science, Ivey Business School, Western University
10:30 AM Complexity Theory and a Theory of Law [Video] Chi Carmody, Associate Professor & Canadian National Director, Canada-United States Law Institute, Faculty of Law, Western University
11:00 AM Non-Suicidal Self-Injury on Tumblr: Approaching Complex Hashtag Clusters through Ethnography and Network Analysis [Video] Steve H. Lee, PhD Candidate, Epidemiology, Western University
Federica Guccini, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, Western University
11:30 AM Exploring the complex and culturally situated information behaviour of Bangladeshi immigrants in Canada [Video] Nafiz Shuva, Assistant Professor (Limited Duties), Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University
Noon Lunch Break
Afternoon Sessions (Hosted by Emma Fabri)
1:00 PM Exploring the emerging Canadian Network for Complex Systems [Video] Dawn Parker, Professor, School of Planning, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo
Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Professor, Departments of Systems Design Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo
1:30 PM Corruption as an emergent property of a complex system [Video] Nenad Nevajda, PhD Candidate, Ethics and Public Affairs, Carleton University
2:00 PM Bayesian Framework for Earthquake Forecasting and Testing [Video] Robert Shcherbakov, Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Western University
2:30 PM "I feel like the mind-blown emoji!" 🤯 Pedagogical Strategies for Inspiring Learners Toward the "Aha!" — or, "Whoa!" — of Complexity [Video] James Shelley, Knowledge Mobilization Specialist, Faculty of Health Sciences; Project Lead, Complex Adaptive Systems Lab
3:00 PM Absolving Responsibility and Dampening Activism?: The Structural Racism Framework, Democratic Motivation, and the Complex Systems Alternative [Video] Greta Snyder, Visiting Assistant Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Williams College
3:30 PM Complexity in Teams: A Scan of Expertise in the CAS Lab Membership [Video] Laura Mejia Torres and Laila Zaitoun (SGPS 9105L CEL placement project)
4:00 PM Thinking About Racism and Settler Colonialism as Complex Systems [Video] Maya Lalji and Martina Ye (4995F/4996G CAS Lab / CRHESI practicum placement students), Faculty of Health Sciences, Western University
4:30 PM Shapeshifters, systems thinking and settler colonial logic: Expanding the framework of analysis of Indigenous health equity [Video] Lana Ray, Indigenous Research Chair in Decolonial Futures, Assistant Professor, Indigenous Learning, Lakehead University
Lloy Wylie, Associate Professor, Public Health, Pathology, Psychiatry and Anthropology, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University