James Shelley


Project Lead, Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Lab

FNB 2349
519-661-2111 x89071

Western University Portfolio


Research Interests

  • Complexity theory and systems thinking
  • Transdisciplinarity and research networks
  • Knowledge exchange and communication
  • Evidence-to-implementation
  • History of ideas

Recent Teaching & Speaking

External Affiliations

Brief Bio

James Shelley is Knowledge Mobilization Specialist in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University. He also leads the Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Lab, launched in early 2020 as an interdisciplinary hub for complexity and system scholarship across faculties and departments at Western University. An autodidact at heart, his personal research interests focus on the intersection of complexity theory, information, and communications, with a particular emphasis on developing systems-informed approaches to knowledge exchange/translation, implementation science, and research-to-action strategies.