Faculty Members

Regardless of home department or discipline, the CAS Lab serves as a hub for networking complexity science expertise across all faculties at Western.

Undergraduate Students

From its inception, ideas and energy from undergraduate students have been pivotal to the CAS Lab. Practicum and CEL students are key contributors every step of the way.

Western Staff Members

Staff members across Western with interests and expertise in complex systems. (Please note that the CAS Lab does not have a dedicated staff team of its own.)

Faculty Actor Map

This interactive and dynamic Kumu map identifies overlaps and intersections between faculty research interests and expertise in the CAS Lab.

Graduate Students

The CAS Lab strives to connect and cross-pollinate the innovative and cutting edge research of graduate students to Western's wealth of complexity and systems expertise.

External Members

Individuals and from institutions and organizations outside of Western University. The CAS Lab is an open network to anyone with an interest in complex systems.