Complexity Theory in Research: Why and how to adopt a systems perspective

A team of presenters from the CAS Lab is presenting a session at the Western Research 2021 Virtual Conference.

Monday, August 16, 10–11:30 a.m.
James Shelley, Knowledge Mobilization Officer, Faculty of Health Sciences
Katherine Lawless, Assistant Professor, Centre for Global Studies, Huron University College
Jonathan De Souza, Associate Professor, Music Research & Composition, Faculty of Music

Complexity theory intersects with virtually every domain of research. Join Dr. Katherine Lawless, Dr. Jonathan De Souza, and James Shelley from the Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Lab as they discuss the nature of complex systems and the application of complex systems theory in research. The presenters will provide an introductory overview of the theory and illustrate how it informs research across various disciplines. Subsequently, attendees will be invited to “workshop” ideas to explore how complexity theory might open up new avenues or perspectives in their programs of research. In closing, we will discuss further collaboration and networking opportunities supported by Western’s Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Lab.