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Critical Issues of Our Time

Vol 1The inaugural issue of the CAS publication series Critical Issues of Our Time was released in July 2009. This new quarterly publication series features articles that comment on a wide range of political, cultural, social, and economic issues facing the United States. All the issues can be viewed in PDF format, and extra copies are available at the Centre for American Studies and the Department of Political Science.

Volume 1: Barack Obama's Moderate Moment by Gil Troy (Spring 2009)

Volume 2: Waiting for Madam President by Lori Cox-Han (Fall 2009)

Volume 3: The World Turned Upside Down by Randall Balmer (Spring 2010)

Volume 4: The Myth of the Moral Attorney by Thane Rosenbaum (Summer 2010)

Volume 5: Why Lincoln Matters to American Presidents by Harold Holzer (Winter 2010)

Volume 6: An Adaptation From The Trouble with Billionaires by Linda McQuaig (Summer 2011)

Vol 7Volume 7: Monster in Muslin: Lizzie Borden, American Myth-Making, and the Regeneration of the New England Spinster by Paula Uruburu (Fall 2011)

Volume 8: First Impressions, Second Thoughts: Reflections on the Changing Role of Think Tanks in U.S. Foreign Policy by Donald Abelson (Winter 2011)

Volume 9: Still Exceptional? America's Role in the World by Stephen Brooks (Spring 2012)

Volume 10: Spectacular Olympic Bodies: From Hollywood to Hitler and Beyond by Kevin Wamsley and Katie S. Butler (Summer 2012)

Volume 11: The Commodification of Aesthetic Feeling: Race, Sexuality, and the 1920s Stage Model by Elspeth H. Brown (Winter 2013)

Volume 12: U.S. Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Groups' Strategies since 1960 by Melissa Haussman (Summer 2013)

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