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Graduate Students 2016

CAS Grad Students 2016
Student Supervisor MRP Working Title (in progress)
Lauren Daniel Laurel Shire The Colour of Winter: Structures of Power in Winter's Bone and its Reception
Cory Goetz Michael Arntfield The Concurrent Iconography of the American Serial Killer and DC Comics' The Joker
Brandy Herald Aldona Sendzikas Unraveling the Confederate Flag
Lisa Murphy-Gemmill Aldona Sendzikas The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Representations of the Superman in Canadian and American 20th Century Newspapers
May Strutt Amanda Grzyb Empire of Amnesia: Reproduction of Spectacle in the National September 11 Museum
Raphaela Tuchscherer Dan Bousfield Changing Dynamics - The US Role in the Arctic Council