Program in American StudiesWestern Social Science

Graduate Students 2015

Student Supervisor MRP Working Title
Kate Cox Bryce Traister Empire: Modes of Cool, Glamour and Power in 1990s New York Magazine Culture
Nick Davis Alison Meek America's Pastime: 19th Century Professional Baseball, Nativism and Patriotism
Natasha Di Cecco Sasha Torres "Record Clean, Taxes Paid": Race, Class, and America's Perfect Victim as Shown on ABC's Scandal
Jason Maguire

Alison Meek

American Pulp-Fiction: Burroughs, Howard & Lovecraft and the Function of the American Imaginary
Ariana Potichnyj Jessica Cameron "But, How Can a Shirt Be Racist?" : Prep Fashion, Oppression, and the Ideal American
Aleks Sazdova Miranda Green-Barteet The World Ajar: Women's Pursuit of Subjectivity in Works by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Frances E. W. Harper, and Kate Chopin
Lori Sheidow Alison Meek President Clinton's Job Approval Ratings Amidst the Lewinsky Scandal
Heather Stephenson Bryce Traister Homemaking and Housekeeping in the Wilderness: White Women and Domesticity on American Frontiers