Program in American StudiesWestern Social Science

Graduate Students 2014

MA class of 2013-14
Student Supervisor Master's Research Paper Topic
Jeremy Appel Don Abelson Kicking the Vietnam Syndrome: The Dual Dynamic of Neoconservatism and Liberal Interventionism from the Gulf to Kosovo
Kiah Berkeley Thy Phu Moral Panic, the "Crack Epidemic" and Marion Barry: A Critical Analysis of the News
David Ennett Ben Muller "Whistle-blowing" in America: Exploring the Politics of Edward Snowden and Problematizing the Surveillance Apparatus of the National Security Agency (NSA)
Susanne Grainger

Bryce Traister

The Medium is the Message: An Analysis of Negativity in North American English Political Advertising
Tristan Johnson Maya Shatzmiller Spit out of the Melting Pot: The Muslim-American Experience after 9/11
Steven Michailidis Aldona Sendzikas The Genesis of Grassroots Conservatism in the Postwar United States
Michele Muller Bryce Traister & Tunji Osinubi Good-bye El Jefe (?): Artistic Self-Representation of Dominicans in Post 1960s New York
Alexandra Myers Alison Meek Selling a Fantasy in 1960s America: Advertising and Consumerism in Playboy Magazine
Noelle Sepina Thy Phu "Hindi Ang Mamamayan": The Visual Culture of People Power from "Dictatorship" to "Democracy"
Neil Wereley Adam Harmes Same Choir, Different Song: NAFTA and the National Policy
Brett Wiepjes Jeff Hopkins The Know-Nothings and the Tea Party: A Case Study Analysis of America's Enduring Strand of Nativist Politics