Program in American StudiesWestern Social Science

Graduate Students 2013

MA Class 2013
Student Supervisor Master's Research Paper Topic
Brendan Clements Ben Muller Ending the War on Cannabis: How Colorado and Washington State Impact North American Decriminalization Policy
Kelsey Kilgore Rob MacDougall Building the American Hieroglyph: Vachel Lindsay's Response to Pluralism in the Progressive Era
Joshua Kurkjian Don Abelson NAFTA as an Arena for Cross-Border Linkages Among Labour and Environmental Coalitions
Jeremy Ladd Peter Ferguson Democracy Promotion in American Foreign Policy from the End of the Cold War
Sinead Maume Nina Reid-Maroney Black Jezebel vs. White Mistress: An investigation into the influence of sexual relationships on the lives of southern women in the antebellum period
Dylan O'Leary Geoffrey Stewart Projectile Dysfunction: Johnson, Camelot, and the "Manliness" That Shaped Escalation in Vietnam, 1960-1965
Adam Payler Andrew Sancton An Extension of White Flight in Atlanta, Georgia: A Critical Examination of the Recent Municipial Incorporations in Fulton and DeKalb Counties
Robyn Schwarz Jonathan Vance America's One Night Stand with Canadian Nationalism: The United States Pavilion at Expo 67
Graham Shular Aldona Sendzikas Modernity's Masculine Matrix: Homosocial Organization in Pre-Stonewall America
Mason Wales Alison Hearn Eighteen Million Cracks in the Flat Screen?: An Analysis of Commander in Chief and Political Animals
Alexandra Wapia Alison Meek Stars and Stripes: How the American President Became the Celebrity-in-Chief
Elias Washburn Nina Reid-Maroney A Nation of Compromise: Compromise in the Debate over Slavery
Nicole Winger Norma Coates "Making It" in New York City: The Supremes at the Copacabana, 1965