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Graduate Students 2012

MA Class 2012
Student Supervisor Master's Research Paper Topic

Drew Carney

Don Abelson Firestorm: Barack Obama and the Obstacles of the American Political System

Tom Cooke

Ben Muller The State and Social Media: International Political Sociology & the 'Blurring' of Who\What Governs Foreign Policy
Brendon Dantzer Rob MacDougall "A Nation Talking to Itself":The Diffusion of News in 19th Century America
Guillaume Desbiens Alison Meek Bringing it All Back Home: Baseball Cinema in the Shadow of Ronald Reagan
Laura Devouge Monda Halpern "Lynch a Thousand Times a Week if Necessary": Women's Rights and Lynching in the American South
Caroline Diezyn Ross Bullen "Time is on My Side": Masculinity, Trauma, and Time in Michael Herr's Dispatches
John Livingstone Craig Simpson Relieve Vicksburg or Seek a "Battle of Annihilation"? An Analysis of Robert Edward Lee's Strategic Vision in the Summer of 1863
Mohsen Mahmoudi Rob MacDougall Outside the Box: Chomsky and Mainstream Traditions of Dissent in America
Courtney Mathison Aldona Sendzikas Civil or Hostile?: Nationalist Sentiment and the Reception of European Immigrants in Appalachia, 1865-1925
Jessica Radzik Paul-Philippe Pare Life Inside and Out: A Look at the Rehabilitation of Inmates in the American Prison System
Jacob Skinner Don Abelson Mitt Romney's Mormonism not a Factor in 2012 US Election: The Economy and Race will Decide

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