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Graduate Students 2011

MA Students 2011
Student Supervisor  Master's Research Project
Kevin Armitage                   Dan Bousfield

Canada-U.S. Integration in the 21st Century: A Canadian Perspective

David Beitelman Don Abelson Keeping the Republic: American Hegemony and Decline in Perspective
Christen Cole Kevin Wamsley In Order to Form a More Perfect Man: Hegemonic Masculinity in American Professional Football
Miles Hopper Bryce Traister Danny Boone Didn't Pay Taxes: A Myth-Symbol Analysis of the Tea Party Movement
Doug MacLean Joe Wlodarz Discourses of Masculinity in Contemporary Male-Centred Dramas
Laura McGee Aldona Sendzikas Crossing Borders and Building Identities: The American Jeremiad, the Media, and Canadian-American Relations
Sarah Rider Norma Coates Staging The Scottsboro Boys: Why Dramatise the Story of Scottsboro?
Brad St. Croix Rob MacDougall Hawaii, USA?: The Role of Pearl Harbor in the Making of Hawaiian and American Identity
Lisa Sutton Rob MacDougall "We Know This Place": Resistance and Remembrance in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward
Lindsay Thornton Nina Reid-Maroney A Sphere of Difference: The Construction of Female Identity at Miss. Porter's School in Farmington, Connecticut

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