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Welcome to the MA Program in American Studies

We regret to inform you that we are not accepting applications for the upcoming 2019-20 academic year. Please check back for any further updates.

Welcome to the MA program in American Studies at Western - the first and still the only one of its kind in Canada!

Introduced in 2010, the Master of Arts in American Studies is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the cultural and social study of the United States. The program is housed in the Faculty of Social Science and supported by the Faculties of Arts and Humanities with affiliated faculty members across campus. The purpose of this exciting program is to help students increase their understanding of the meaning and significance of the U.S. culture and society, and to prepare them for advanced research in the study of the United States. In particular, this program enables students to study the United States from a Canadian perspective.

If you are interested in the MA program in American Studies, we invite you to explore our website, or to contact us at

Graduate Chairs: Prof. Laurel Shire and Prof. Aldona Sendzikas (Department of History)

Graduate Program Advisor: Kara Brown