Admission Requirements

Obama in Oval Office

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President Obama calls foreign leaders from the Oval Office, Jan 2009.

Admission to the M.A. program in American Studies requires a degree (four years or 20.0 courses) from an accredited university in either American Studies or a related discipline (examples include, but are not limited to, English, History, Gender Studies or Ethnic Studies).

To be competitive for admission, the student should have an average of at least a B+ (78%) in all courses taken during the last two years of undergraduate study.

International Students 

Students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents must have a student authorization to study in Canada. Such students should apply for authorization at the Canadian Embassy or High Commission in their country of residence immediately after they have been accepted into the graduate program. International students are advised that fees for non-Canadian students are high, and that financial support is available only to a few applicants with a first-class (A) average. Applicants are not required to apply for financial support. It will be set out in an offer of admission.

If English is not your first language you must include a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) score written in the last two years. Please consult the Graduate Studies website for minimum requirements.

Note that our program does not require the GRE.