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  • The Great Chicago Fire, 1871: Artist: John R. Chapin


Are You Thinking of Grad School in American Studies?

Come to an informal information session on - how to apply; how to get financial support; how does grad school compare to undergraduate programs. Graduate faculty and the Graduate Program Advisor will be on hand to give you important tips. Coffee/tea provided. October 19th, 2017 - 10-11:30am in Lawson Hall 1227.

Changes to the modules in American Studies have been approved

You can find the new requirements here:

Remember that if you already are enrolled in American Studies, you may continue to follow the module requirements that were in place when you entered your module - which you can always find online in the archives section of the Academic Calendar. However, if you like the new modules, you can also follow the new rules. Keep in mind that the software the registrar uses to calculate your progress toward your degree has not yet caught up to these changes - if you are getting weird messages related to this, don't panic. Make an appointment with academic counselling if you are concerned, or wait a few months and try again. Let us know if you have questions or concerns. 


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